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Reasons that Tenmoku is your best gift for all occasions!

Reasons that Tenmoku is your best gift for all occasions!

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Throughout history, this particular type of tea cups have gained many names. Jianzhan and Tenmoku are the most represented names in modern days.

1.No Two Tenmokus Are the Same
Tenmoku teacups are not only prized for their beauty but also for their uniqueness: you can never find two Tenmokus are the same. The glaze that covers each cup is made from feldspar, limestone, and iron oxide, and the combination of these chemicals means that the quicker a piece is cooled, the blacker the glaze will be. During the heating and cooling process it is almost impossible to predict how the variables will influence the finished result of the glaze, leaving you with a teacup that is entirely, and impressively, unique to you.

2.Tenmoku Teacups Are Highly Prized
The complex technical procedure with high failure rate, makes each cup more valuable, in the practice, 10% of successful rate is considered as high. All of this factors contributed to the high collection value of Tenmoku.
The most valuable Jianzhan would be the Chinese ‘Oil Spot’ Jianzhan tea bowl from the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) sold for $11.7 million at Asian Art Week in New York City. That is to say a new world auction record for a Song Dynasty JianZhan tea bowl.
Of course, not all JianZhan teacups will cost millions of dollars, it is a great indicator of just how prized these beautiful pieces really are.

3.Gender-neural preference
The craftsman that create these incredible and highly prized teacups have trained for years to guard the quality of each art piece. They are workman who take pride in the high quality of the work they produce, each cup exceeds the line between different genders, as a classic art piece appeals to all ages and social groups.

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