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Why Tenmokus make the best tea companion?

Why Tenmokus make the best tea companion?

Why Tenmokus make the best tea companion?

Tenmoku refers to small and shallow bowl, during the firing, ceramic glaze flows and finalizes into unique and splendid patterns. Therefore, there is absolutely no identical Tenmokus in this world (but if you believe in parallel world, there might be one!) As that being said, here are some reasons that make the Tenmokus the best tea companion for your daily tea time.

Just the right size for tea.

A regular Tenmoku holds approximately 120ml or 4 oz liquid. Which is just the right amount to have an adequate taste of the tea, each intervals for pouring new tea into Tenmokus, leaves a proper time for yourself or the guests to savor on the taste.

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Keeps the tea at the perfect temperature.

Drinking tea out of a Tenmoku will release you from the worry of being burned by the scalding tea. The particular bowl shape and open design of the Tenmoku can cool down the liquid within an instant moment,  yet preserve the warmth at the optimal level thanks to the dense and thick ceramics material.

tea drinks, beautiful teaware, meditation, tea companion

Environmental friendly, conforms to the tea philosophy of cleanness.

Each Tenmuku is made strictly accordance with ancient method, we aim to preserve the traditions in Tenmuku production that could trace back to as early as Tang Dynasty 875AD. We try our best to eliminate any modern technology influences in the process of manufactory, only for the goal to restore the most primitive taste of tea. Also, with minimal industry discharge, we embrace the tea philosophy of cleanness, earning each of our Tenmuku a strong sustainability.

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Ideal medication object.

A tea meditation includes being mindful and perform a sequence activities of tea ritual, such as making the tea, drinking the tea, and being aware of your body and mind. It helps clam and concentrate your mind, connects people together and introduce a moment of stillness into your day. Holding a smooth and rounded Tenmoku during your meditation simply provides a comfortable posture and easy satisfaction that allows you to reflect on your thoughts. The capricious patterns inside also produce a pleasant portal that could used to access your inner peace.

tea drinks, beautiful teaware, meditation, tea companion