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Everything you want to know about Tenmoku and Jianzhan

Q: what is Tenmoku/Jianzhan?

A: Jianzhan is a type of Chinese pottery that could only be produced in one place in the world, which is Jianyang, Fujian province. it is also known as Tenmoku tea cup in Western and Japan. Jianzhan is a representative of black-glazed porcelain, which used to be the tea set used by the royal family in the Song Dynasty. They are indispensable for tea lovers ad fine art collectors. Jianzhan is famous for its amazing glaze that produced at 1300 Celsius degree of firing temperature. They are 100% food-safe, however should not be used in microwave due to the iron component in the clay that exclusively used for Jianzhan manufactory.


Q: what is the process to make a traditional Tenmoku/Jianzhan?

A: check our video blog: what are the steps to make a Tenmoku?


Q: where are those amazing glaze come from?

A: we have to mention the composition of the glaze, the glaze is made from a special type of clay with high iron content, these metal elements could be very active at high temperature. During firing, glaze is melted to form crystalization accordingly with different temperature and time window which give us different colors  and patterns of glaze.


Q: Is this a defect of Jianzhan? 

A: <These lines are not a defect or damage, it does not affect the appearance of the product>

1. They are cracking phenomenon naturally formed on the glazed surface of porcelain;

2. The unique texture effect formed by the film opening is also called "ice crack". Some kilns are proud of being able to produce such cups. typical representatives are Ge kiln and Guan kiln in Song Dynasty;

3. It could occur to new or old teacups, therefore can not be used as the basis for judging the age of one cup.