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Scattered Flowers

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Diameter: 8.5 cm/3.3 in

Depth: 5 cm/1.9 in

Heat Resistant:1300°C




Direct Heat on Stove

Important Information

Each piece of Tenmokus tea set takes over 72 hours. It is the high quality of our artisans that makes each piece of Tenmokus pottery so special. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted to ensure that each piece is truly unique.

The raw material is selected from the raw ore soil near the kiln site of Jianyao. Due to the high iron content, the changes after firing can maximize the overall appearance of Tenmokus.The basic raw material for glaze selection is the original ore glaze stone used in the construction of kilns in the Song Dynasty.

The type of jars generally needs to be manually pulled, dried and simmered. When glazing, the inside of the jar is fully glazed, and the outer half is half-glazed. The concentration and thickness of the glaze water are kept uniform. Some people think that two times of glazing is conducive to the formation of firing markings. In fact, this several times of glazing does not affect the quality of the markings.

Whether it is liquor, water or coffee, it will become more mellow and delicious in Jianzhan Tianmu tea cups. That's because the Jianzhan canopy has a special functional design for its iron content, sand content, and cup glaze thickness. Therefore, brewing tea with Jianzhan can increase the alkalinity of the tea liquid, which not only ensures the taste of the tea, but also stimulates and enhances the aroma of the tea.